Burchell Wickwire Bryson LLP Summer Internship and Scholarship

The BWB Summer Scholarship and Internship program is available to qualifying African Nova Scotia and Aboriginal Citadel High students. Selected candidates go through an interview process and one candidate is chosen as the scholarship recipient. The goal of the program is to provide real-life work experience that will build confidence and expose the winner to a variety of possible careers. The selected candidate is paid for the six week internship and receives a $3500 contribution towards tuition, in addition to a $500 clothing allowance to ensure the student has proper office attire.


Skye Boisvert was the recipient of the Burchell Wickwire Bryson LLP scholarship in 2023.  Throughout Skye’s six-week internship she worked reception, was the Court Clerk for our summer Mock Trial in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, attended educational lawyer lunch n’ learns and overall gained exposure to the legal field.  She will be attending NSCC in the fall to study HVAC&R.  Skye was a great help to us and we wish her the best in her future endeavors.


Burchells LLP was pleased to welcome Armon Jefferies to the team as our 2022 recipient of the Burchells LLP Summer Internship and Scholarship. During his time at the firm, Armon had the opportunity to attend at various court proceedings, assist law students and staff with a variety of tasks, and act as Court Clerk at the firm’s summer Mock Trial held in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. Armon plans to complete his Bachelors of Arts at Saint Mary’s University in Political Science, with aspirations to later attend the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie.


Mychael Paris was our 2021 Burchells LLP Summer Scholarship recipient. We were impressed by Mychael’s academic achievements, earned while balancing a part time job, volunteering, and various sports commitments.  While the firm was disappointed that the on-going COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from welcoming Mychael into our offices for the usual six-week internship, we were very happy to provide a well-deserved scholarship award. Mychael intends to a Bachelor of Science at Acadia University.



The Burchells Summer Scholarship and Internship program is available to qualifying African Nova Scotia and Aboriginal Citadel High students graduating from Grade 12 and attending a post-secondary institution in fall. Because of COVID-19, we were only able to offer the Scholarship portion for 2020.

Burchells is very happy to announce that Isaac Ferguson is our recipient of the 2020 scholarship award, selected from a group of very impressive candidates. Isaac has spent most of his life here in Halifax, and participated in Hope Blooms in his earlier years. Isaac was an active member of the Citadel High School community during his time there, acting as President of Know Thyself, a cultural group for Black students, and participating in track and field. Isaac is also a social justice advocate, and three-time participant in the Canada We Want Conference, with a focus on structural racism. Despite the limitations that the global pandemic placed on our ability to offer Isaac an internship with the firm, we are pleased that the well-deserved scholarship award will support Isaac in his studies at NSCC this September as he pursues a career in firefighting.



We were pleased to welcome Julia Kuhn as the 2019 recipient of the of the Burchells LLP Summer Internship and Scholarship. Julia was a valuable addition to the office, and she had the opportunity to become involved in a wide array of duties and activities, including observing court proceedings, and gained exposure to working in an office environment. After her internship, Julia plans to pursue a career in nursing, and we wish her all the best in her studies























We welcomed Troy Fenton as our 2018 scholarship and internship recipient.  Troy gained exposure and hand’s on experience in many areas of law firm operations; such as information technology, administration, accounting and legal assistance.  He also attended a few court hearings, assisted law students with research and attended an in-house lawyer educational lunch n’ learn.  Troy will be attending StFX in the Fall to begin a BSc.  Upon completion of her undergrad he hopes to attend medical school to realize his dream of becoming a doctor.  All of us at Burchells wish you much success!

















Faduma Abukar was our 2017 scholarship and internship recipient.  During the summer Faduma was able to see firsthand the many aspects of a law firm.  Faduma had several trips to court, assisted lawyers with research and gained exposure to the many areas of law firm operations such as administration, accounting and legal assistance.  Faduma will be attending Dalhousie University in the Fall to begin a BSc.  Upon completion of her undergrad she hopes to study optometry or law.  We wish you much success Faduma!














Josh Creighton was our 2016 scholarship and internship recipient.  Throughout the summer Josh had exposure to many aspects of a law firm, including attending several days in court and an off-site ‘Wills Camp’ with our lawyers.  He gained exposure to the many areas of law firm operations, such as administration, accounting and legal assistance.  Everyone very much enjoyed having him as part of the Burchells team.  Josh will be attending Dalhousie University in the Fall to begin a BA with a major in sociology and a minor in law.  He then plans to pursue a law degree.  All the best with your studies Josh!













2015 saw an unprecedent group of excellent candidates recommended for the Burchells Internship and Scholarship, but in the end Nikaya Paris was our clear choice.  We were won over by her academic achievements, her involvement with Citadel High and the community, her poise and demeanor, varied interests, confidence and drive to succeed.  She was enthusiastic about the opportunities working in our office might afford her.  Nikaya is going to be a great success when she starts her degree in Social Sciences at Dalhousie this Fall.













For 2014 we welcomed Leandré Govindsamy as the successful candidate. Leandré and her family arrived in Canada from South Africa 14 years ago, "with four suitcases and big dreams."  Not only an affable and self-possessed young woman, she was a great success at Citadel High in Halifax.  In her time with us this summer Leandré got exposure to all aspects of the operation, including both the inner-workings of a law office and the legal work we do for our clients every day. She was a joy to have in the office.  She is applying her Burchells scholarship money to Dalhousie's Bachelor of Arts program.  We wish her the very best in her studies and on the successful career ahead of her.  Congratulations Leandré!














Sina Mandari was the recipient of the scholarship and internship for 2013.  Through her summer with us not only did Sina get exposure to the inner-workings of the business, she also took on the role of court clerk for our summer mock trial at the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.  She assisted Mr. Justice Michael Wood with marking exhibits, swearing in witnesses, the whole nine yards.  Sina was a great sport and we wish her the very best in Dalhousie's arts program!













This year we welcomed Nigel Hibbert-Coles, as 2012's intern and scholar.  We were able to put Nigel's interest in accounting to good use, giving him an inside-view of office administration and management.  He also got some exposure to our legal work, including some visits with us to court.  After his internship at the firm we are pleased to be able to provide some assistance to Nigel as he starts a Bachelor of Commerce degree at St. Mary’s University this September.














N'Kela Smith experienced what it is like to work in a law firm during her six week internship the summer of 2011 as the winner of the Burchells Summer Internship and Scholarship. N'kela saw first hand what it is like to handle a busy reception desk with couriers coming and going, calls coming in and answering questions for staff. In addition N'kela lent a hand in accounting and saw the volume of work processed to pay bills, pay people and bill clients. N'kela also attended court with several lawyers and spent some time at the Human Rights Commission. All in all it was a busy and fun summer and the team at Burchells enjoyed having N'kela around.













Fenessa Williams Apostolakos enjoyed her six week internship with Burchells during the summer of 2010. From reception to accounting, attending Small Claims Court and Nova Scotia Supreme Court, and spending time at the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission and learning of their work, Fenessa was introduced to the legal environment. Her willingness to try anything made her a joy to have in the office. We wish her well as she enters Dalhousie University in the Arts program.




Shanice Bennett was the recipient in 2009. Shanice's academic accomplishments and community involvement earned her the scholarship. We enjoyed having Shanice at Burchells for the six week internship where Shanice discovered a flare for accounting. She left Burchells to attend Dalhousie School of Nursing.




The first recipient of the Burchells Summer Internship and Scholarship was Lindell J. Smith. After graduating from Citadel High as an honours student, his love of music and recording led him to the Recording Arts program at NSCC. Before starting at NSCC, Lindell spent six weeks with Burchells trying various roles within the office and building life-long relationships.