About Us

Burchell Wickwire Bryson LLP clients appreciate our approachable style, practical advice and broad range of expertise. We take an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach to our relationships with our clients, and aim to elevate our role beyond legal counsel to trusted strategic advisors.

For well over a century we have had the privilege of providing advice to clients small, medium and large, who have come to rely on and trust us for our greatest asset—the ability to understand their needs and find solutions.

Our litigation lawyers have in-depth experience addressing complex court and tribunal proceedings. We want to know you, so we know your legal issue and how it truly affects you. Taking the time to make that insight gives us an edge in court, and an edge advocating on your behalf.

Burchell Wickwire Bryson LLP provides clear business advice on ventures of all sizes, complex and simple, big and small. We also provide a full range of litigation advice and services, explaining options and making recommendations aimed at the issues relevant to you and your dispute. Our advice is designed to provoke thought, not to provoke dispute. We place a premium on listening to our clients, learning their circumstances and understanding their unique needs.

Our goal is to help clients operate at their best in a constantly changing and evolving environment. How we do that is not complicated. We focus on straight talk, responsiveness, reliability and flexibility to meet your needs, no matter what industry or sector and no matter what size from local to global.

Burchell Wickwire Bryson LLP has a long history of working with a diverse clientele. We were the first law firm in our region to embrace Aboriginal law, and remain Atlantic Canada’s top firm in this field.  At the same time we act for clients as wide-ranging as chartered banks and insurers, and individuals and entrepreneurs just finding their feet. In the legal market, we are where we want to be. Choosing Burchell Wickwire Bryson LLP is about choosing the right law firm for the right reasons.