About Ian

Ian Joyce is a litigation lawyer, partner and a member of the firm’s management committee.

Mr. Joyce practises criminal litigation and civil litigation.  

In his criminal practice, he represents clients charged with all offences under the Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.  He often represents clients charged with impaired-driving offences. Ian also represents individuals and corporations charged under a variety of federal, provincial, and municipal quasi-criminal and regulatory statutes.

In his litigation practice, Ian represents plaintiffs, defendants and third parties in a variety of contexts and settings, including employment law, contract law, construction law, professional responsibility and complainants, and intellectual property law.

Ian has appeared and argued before all levels of Court in Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, and Provincial Court of Nova Scotia), before courts in other Canadian provinces, and before several boards, tribunals and administrative decision makers.

Inside the Courtroom Ian is known for his attention to detail, his resolute advocacy style, and his zealous approach to witness cross examination.

Outside the courtroom Ian has a reputation for his client relationship and problem-solving skills.  He takes on clients’ problems as if they are his own.  His clients are integrated as part of the team.  Ian is highly communicative, and guides his clients through each step of what can otherwise be long and daunting processes.

When not practising law Ian enjoys boating, waterskiing, and hosting (often very-well attended) dinner parties.

Watch for him in print media as he has been a regular contributor and legal columnist in a number of publications.