The Burchells Summer Scholarship and Internship Program

The Burchells Summer Scholarship and Internship program is available to qualifying African Nova Scotia and Aboriginal Citadel High students graduating from Grade 12 and attending a post-secondary institution in fall. Because of COVID-19, we were only able to offer the Scholarship portion for 2020.

Burchells is very happy to announce that Isaac Ferguson is our recipient of the 2020 scholarship award, selected from a group of very impressive candidates. Isaac has spent most of his life here in Halifax, and participated in Hope Blooms in his earlier years. Isaac was an active member of the Citadel High School community during his time there, acting as President of Know Thyself, a cultural group for Black students, and participating in track and field. Isaac is also a social justice advocate, and three-time participate in the Canada We Want Conference, with a focus on structural racism. Despite the limitations that the global pandemic placed on our ability to offer Isaac an internship with the firm, we are pleased that the well-deserved scholarship award will support Isaac in his studies at St. Mary’s University this September as he pursues a degree in Criminology.