Naiomi Metallic turning law into a tool for reconciliation

Dalhousie has published an excellent profile of Burchells LLP lawyer and Dal professor Naiomi Metallic as she enters her second term as Chancellor’s Chair in Aboriginal Law and Policy:

Over the course of Metallic’s first five years in the role, she has focused on deepening the foundation of Aboriginal and Indigenous Law at the law school. She has contributed to teaching and expanding the law school’s curriculum while researching and mobilizing knowledge in Aboriginal Law. She has also collaborated on interdisciplinary courses, fostered relationships between Dalhousie and Aboriginal communities in both the Maritimes and Atlantic Canada and has continued to build the profile of the law school and Dalhousie in this area.

Even as she continues her academic work at Dalhousie, Naiomi remains an active and valued member of the Burchells LLP team. Thanks for the update!