Burchells Scholarship Recipient Graduates Law School

We are so happy to congratulate Fenessa Williams Apostolakos on her graduation from law school!

When she graduated from high school in 2010, Fenessa won the Burchells LLP Citadel High Summer Internship and Scholarship.  She joined us that summer for six weeks as an intern, learning all aspects of the operation of a busy office. 

The program is available to qualifying African Nova Scotian and Aboriginal Citadel High students, with the goals of providing real-life work experience, building confidence, and exposing candidates to a variety of possible careers. An intern also receives a $500 clothing allowance and $3,500 towards tuition in a post-secondary program of her choosing.  While it's not our aim to point interns towards a career in law, evidently Fenessa caught the bug!

Congratulations Fenessa. We're proud to have been a waypoint on your career path, and know you will be a great success.